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Granger Smith On his Debut Movie Role In ‘Moonrise’

Granger Smith called into The Bobby Bones Show to talk about his new movie Moonrise, the soundtrack he made for it, and more!  

Granger Smith recently made his acting debut in the movie Moonrise, out today (December 15) on Pure Flix, a new streaming app that’s from Sony Features made for families. Smith plays country singer, Will Brown, who pushed away his family and career after his wife’s death. His daughter and a talented horse trainer show him strength, forgiveness and grace to live life again.

Smith, who is a well-known country singer, has never done acting before and wasn’t sure if he was going to do the role at first. Since the character Smith plays is a country singer, he identified with him and liked the story. It took him a while to get adjusted to filming on a movie set. He didn’t want to be the guy who was constantly messing up his lines and the shots. He eventually found his footing and enjoyed making the movie.  

When he read the script, they had written that his character would be singing their own songs, but they didn’t have any yet. So, Smith took it upon himself to write the music and created a whole soundtrack for the movie, that is out now. Smith says he loves seeing people try things that make them feel uncomfortable, but they grow as an artist. That is the main reason why he chose to do the movie.  

Moonrise is available now on Pure Flix.