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Lunchbox & Eddie Tell On Each Other’s Recent Activities

Eddie sits next to Lunchbox and looked over and couldn’t believe what he saw on his computer screen. He captured proof of Lunchbox looking at bikini pictures during the show. It distracts Eddie while he’s trying to work so he had to address it to Bobby Bones. Bones saw the proof and felt weird looking at it too. Lunchbox says it must’ve been in a news article he was reading. Since Bones is in the Christmas spirit he’s not going to address it now.  

Lunchbox decided to get even and tell on Eddie. At the Cowboys game Eddie went to this past weekend, he received a football and now he won’t stop carrying it around everywhere. All week he’s been walking around the halls with it and throws it at people and tells them they always need to pay attention while they are on the field. Or he’ll purposely bump into you and pretend it’s a tackle. Bones said he can keep carrying the ball around until the Cowboys lose a game.