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Morgan Spills The Tea On Eddie Playing Football By Himself

Morgan spilled the tea on Eddie after she caught him playing football by himself at work.  

Eddie got a football at the Cowboys game this past weekend that he’s been carrying around everywhere with him since. He’s always saying he has so much work to do, but Morgan caught him in the parking garage playing with the football by himself, while he should have been doing work. A few weeks ago, Lunchbox caught Eddie playing guitar with some employees while he should’ve been working.  

He was throwing the ball up in the air and running to catch it and pretending to punt it. He was doing fake football scenarios by himself. Eddie said growing up he didn’t have a lot of friends and that’s what he would do. And now that he has this football with him all the time, he needed a five-minute break so he went to the parking garage to throw it around by himself. It’s his way of releasing stress.  

Eddie is allowed to continue to carry the ball around everywhere until the Cowboys lose a game.