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Amy’s Top Glitching Moments of 2022

The Bobby Bones Show is sharing their lists from the year and on today’s show (December 19th) they shared Amy’s Top Three Glitching Moments of 2022. Bobby Bones sometimes thinks Amy is part of a simulation that he’s living in because she’ll start glitching out while they are talking. Here are her top three moments:  

  1. The number one glitch happened during ‘Fun Fact Friday,’ when she was trying to read a fact. The fact was: There is a McBoat McDonalds location in Germany. Instead of a drive-thru, there is a float-thru. You paddle up to the dock and the staff takes your order while you stay in the boat. She glitched out trying to say “McBoat McDonalds.” 
  2. Amy asked Bones if he’d be interested in a list of the shortest female country music artists. When Bones asked her a question about it, she couldn’t get the words out when trying to say, “most of them are.” She instead just started making “mmm” noise.   
  3. During ‘Amy’s Pile,’ she was talking about fundraising and started glitching trying to say “fundraising.” 

These are some of the reasons why Bones thinks he might be living in a simulation and Amy wasn’t programmed right.