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Lunchbox Thinks Someone On The Show is a “Snake”

St. Jude sent packages to everyone on the show for their work on the Radiothon, but when Lunchbox went to take his, it was missing. The only person who was still there was Abby, so he assumed she took it.  

He called Abby and accused her of taking his St. Jude bag, but instead of denying, she sold out the person who took it. It was Amy. Abby explained how she put one of the bags on Bobby Bones desk and the other in the green room. When Amy went to grab a bag, she asked Abby if it was hers. Abby told her it wasn’t, but Amy still took it and it ended up being Lunchbox’s bag. Lunchbox now thinks Abby is a snake since she ratted out Amy immediately.