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Eddie Gives Advice on Getting Started With Foster Care

A listener called in to ask Eddie a question about her sister who started fostering kids. Our listener wanted to support her sister through the process by gifting her with items to keep at her house that will help the children feel more comfortable. She was curious if Eddie had any recommendations on how best to support her since he has fostered children he then adopted. He was in the foster program for three years and loves sharing advice.  

If you’re interested in fostering kids, this is how you can get started and learn if it’s a good fit for you. Eddie suggests googling how to foster a child in your area and it will direct you to a great organization or church that will help you do that. Then find one that you relate to or will help you get in touch with a kid to foster.  

The most challenging part of fostering is trying to be there for the child knowing there’s a chance they may go back to their original home. Trying to balance the love and care for these kids and knowing that what you’re doing is for them and not for you. Eddie said the best part is knowing you’re really helping a child in need and being there for them making sure they feel supported, loved, cared for and comfortable.  

Eddie said there are so many different needs and expenses one takes on when they choose to foster, so the best way to support them is to provide the things they need. If they have little children, buying them diapers, formula, things like that can tremendously help. Food is also huge, taking the time to get them some groceries or bring a meal over or order a pizza can be a huge help.