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Trivial Things Bobby, Amy, Eddie & Lunchbox Want To Change About Themselves

It’s the first show of the new year! Bobby Bones, Amy, Eddie and Lunchbox shared trivial things they’d like to change about themselves even if it’s small.  

Eddie wants to change his belly. He’s going to focus on his belly because it’s larger than he wants it to be, and he wants to slim it down to where it doesn't hang over his pants. Lunchbox wants to be more flexible in life and with his body. He feels when he gets older, he’ll be in trouble because he’s so unflexible and has never stretched in his life.  

Amy is making it her goal to stop saying negative things to herself. Saying stuff like “You’re so stupid,” or “You’re so dumb.” Even saying it in her head and around the house because she knows her children are listening, and she doesn't want their subconscious to take it in. Bones is allowing his hair to turn gray. His sideburns are starting to turn a little gray and he usually trims it off, but this year he’s going to embrace the gray and the fact that he’s getting older.