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Orthorexia + Whole30 (Outweigh)

OUTWEIGH: Orthorexia in its simplest terms means an obsession with healthy eating, and for people who are not immersed in this field, that may not sound like a bad thing because eating healthy isn’t bad. So, this week, Kat is diving into the topic to bring light to what becoming obsessed with the health and quality of the food we consume can do to our mental health. Someone who develops orthorexia most likely doesn’t start out being obsessed but things can take a turn pretty fast not just due to reasons associated with the individual. This issue is very much connected to our culture and the messaging companies and brands use to attract and illicit business and the manipulation involved in how diet culture sells their ideals and products. So, sit tight and get ready to hear how some of the most popular diets and diet buzz words have created a rise in some of the most stealth disordered eating patterns we are currently seeing today. 


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