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Experiencing Tragedy & Seeing The Bigger Picture with Granger Smith

When things get tough, are you able to eventually step back to see the bigger picture? Granger Smith shares how he’s had to learn to do that in his life and how his first acting role was portraying a character (Will Brown) that was needed to do the same (in time, learn how to see the good that could come from pain!) 

The movie ‘Moonrise’ came out a couple of weeks ago on PureFlix and is such a powerful story: “After country singer Will Brown's wife passes away, his grief sidelines his career and pushes him away from his young daughter until a bright and talented horse trainer shows him strength, forgiveness and grace to live life again.” 


In addition to playing the main character, Granger wrote all of the songs that accompany the movie. Granger took on this entire project because the script spoke to him, as the main character experiences tragedy and hardships, parallel to his own life!


Granger also does '4 Things Gratitude' with Amy by sharing a book + a tv show + a drink + an Instagram follow that he's currently thankful for!


Link to 'Moonrise' on PureFlix: 


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