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Bobby, Amy, and Eddie Share Good & Bad Parts of Holiday Break

The show is back from holiday break, but it wasn’t all good times. Bobby Bones shared notes of things that happened to him over the break, while Amy and Eddie shared why their holiday breaks were a mess.  

Bones jotted down every time something happened over the break and had pages of notes to share. He ran into Toby Keith and his wife when he went to Orlando to watch Oklahoma and Florida State play in the Cheez-It Bowl. He said Keith’s wife is awesome and has a great personality. He also wrote down that people shouldn’t take liberties singing The National Anthem. Vocally, they did a great job, but they kept adding extra background vocals to it that weren’t needed. Bones also watched George & Tammy on Showtime. He said it’s good, but dark. You have to be interested in their story and country music history to really enjoy it.  

A few more things from his notes: On Sunday the Tampa Buccaneers made the playoffs, which is good for the bet the show made at the beginning of the season. He also went to a Christmas party where there was an open mic, and he heard the new trio Daves Highway and said they were amazing! Chase Rice was also there, and he addressed Bones joke about him from his Comedically Inspirational show. They joked about it together and Bones that it was cool that he didn’t get upset about it and instead thought it was funny.  

Amy had the worst travel experience of her life. She experienced several bad things, including her flight being canceled to Colorado and back to Nashville. On the way to Colorado, she waited two hours at the gate and two hours on the tarmac before the flight took off. She then missed her connecting flight, waited in a line for hours to be told they had her luggage but that she couldn’t get it for eight hours. There were no flights, so her brother-in-law drove five hours to pick her up in Denver and then drove five hours back.  

The end of Amy’s holiday break was even worse. She had to road tip from one city to another in Colorado after all her flight cancellations, and went to Santa Fe, New Mexico with her sister. While driving back to Nashville from Albuquerque on the highway going 70 miles an hour, the truck next to her tire blew out and the truck lost control. As they were trying to get out of the way, the truck hit their back tire. The driver of the truck rolled across the highway and into a ditch, but thankfully he survived. She was able to get home safely after that.  

Eddie also had a terrible holiday experience. He and his family were supposed to go to Texas to visit family but the night before they left, his three-year-old started to throw up and got sick. Then in the middle of the night the whole family woke up sick. They had to postpone the trip and were able to fly there a few days later. While in Texas the family still wasn’t feeling good. They flew back to Nashville on Christmas Eve but had a four-hour delay. When they finally got back to their house, their heater was broken, and the toilets were frozen. He had to wait two days before anyone could come and fix the heater. Then to make things worse, Eddie’s wife was getting a Lego out of their garbage disposal when the baby turned it on with her hand down there and it caught her nail. Thankfully they are all better now.  

Overall, the show is happy to be back home and back at work.