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Bobby Bones Show Shares Their Resolutions for the New Year

It's that time of year! 2023 is officially here and The Bobby Bones Show shared what their resolutions are. Bobby, Amy, Lunchbox, Eddie, Morgan, Mike D and Raymundo shared their goals for the new year. 

Amy’s resolution is “trying is cool.” She wants to be more venerable, try some new things and even if it turns out badly, she’ll be happy she took a risk. One thing she’s going to try this year is auditioning for more acting opportunities. Lunchbox’s goal for the New Year is to become a millionaire and join the millionaires club. He’s not close to being one but he has a business plan. Eddie’s is to be a little bit more selfish and buy himself more things. He doesn’t really buy himself anything, so this year if he sees something he wants like shoes or a boat, he’s going to buy it.  

Morgan’s said this year will be her year of “doing.” If someone asks her to go out on a weeknight or go on a trip, she’s going to do it. She spent all of 2022 taking some time to relax and focus, so this year she wants to do everything. She’s making an effort to make herself more available for experiences. Raymundo’s is “more outdoors, less apartment floors.” When he was younger, he was outside all day on Saturday’s, now he finds himself staying inside for days. He said there’s a great benefit of doing stuff outdoors. Mike D’s goal is to make a new friend this year. He has some interests that no one on the show has, like going to punk shows and watching horror movies and he would like to have someone that also enjoys those things.  

Bobby Bones' wants to occasionally be bored for his 2023 goal. He keeps a packed schedule trying to get as much done as possible. When he’s like that he’s not able to cultivate anything creative. When he’s bored that’s when his best creative ideas happen. He plans to do that by clearing his schedule a bit more and scheduling in ‘bored’ time.