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Lunchbox Reviewed Mike D As A Movie Reviewer

Lunchbox reviewed Mike D as a movie reviewer after he put up his top three Netflix movies of the year on his Twitter for his movie podcast. Lunchbox decided to watch these movies to see if he really knows what he’s talking about.  

The first was Emily the Criminal. Lunchbox didn’t know what it was about, but he sat down to watch it with his parents and his wife. Aubree Plaza stars in the movie and Lunchbox thought it was a very entertaining movie. His whole family enjoyed it as well.  

The second Netflix movie recommendation was Stutz. It’s directed by Jonah Hill and is described as a “candid conversations with actor Jonah Hill, leading psychiatrist Phil Stutz explores his early life experiences and unique, visual model of therapy.” Lunchbox felt like he was sitting in a therapy session and felt awkward and weird watching it. He did not enjoy it.  

Those are the two he watched and plans to watch the third recommendation later this week. He recommends Mike D and gave him three and a half stars as a movie reviewer.