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Abby Had Misconnection With Guy in Uber

Abby came back from holiday break and needed a ride home from the airport. Regular Uber rides were too expensive so she called a shared one.  

When the Uber picked up the person she’d be sharing the ride with, she saw it was a cute guy about her age. While in the car they started talking and got to know each other better. Towards the end of the ride, he told her he’s going to a toga party for New Year’s Eve she could come to if she wanted to and sent her the invite on Instagram. She didn’t check her phone to make sure it went through while in the car. Later when she got home, she noticed the invite wasn’t there. She checked all her inbox’s messages, but it never came through.  

She’s disappointed because she feels this could’ve been a connection for her. She’s hoping she can find him again. Bobby Bones is curious to hear from this guy too and wants to know if he had the same type of feelings and disappointed the invite never went through. If anyone knows a man named Reid that is a fiddle player in his 30s, has dark hair, and went to a toga party on New Year's Eve, message Bones on Instagram.