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Eddie’s Son Peed In The Car During Christmas Light Drive-Thru

Eddie and his family went to a Christmas Light Drive-Thru to look at the lights. There is only one way in and out and once you’re in line you can’t get out until you reach the end.  

In the middle of it, his 7-year-old son said he needed to pee and couldn’t hold it. There was nowhere to go, so Eddie turned the lights off in the car to make sure no one looked and gave him an empty cup to pee in in the car. Eddie heard him pee in the cup, but when his son handed it to him it was empty.  

He missed the cup completely and not one drop of pee made it into the cup. When Eddie turned the lights on, he saw it was all over the carpet of the car. In the moment they didn’t laugh, but now the whole family thinks it’s funny.