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We’re Tired Of Explaining These Facts To People

The show shared some facts about themselves that they are tired of explaining to people.  

Amy’s is having to explain why she couldn’t have a baby. There was never an explanation from fertility doctors as to why she couldn’t have a baby. But when she tells people she adopted, it always leads to people asking her more questions like if she went to multiple doctors, which she did, and they all couldn’t figure out why she couldn’t have children.  

Bobby Bones shared he’s tired explaining on the show what free speech actually means. Free speech is not the ability to say whatever you want. It’s the ability to speak against the government and not go to jail. There are certain things you can’t say at work or in public settings and say it’s free speech and not expect to get in trouble for it. Free speech means you can’t go to jail for saying the government sucks. And also, that his name is not Bobby Jones.  

Eddie’s is a double-edged sword. He’s constantly getting asked why one of his sons doesn't look like him and it’s because he’s adopted. And when people ask why he has four children, and he has to explain the whole story. He loves to tell their story, but it gets exhausting. 

Lunchbox’s is that he left college three hours early and didn’t graduate. He understands its cool to have a college diploma, but he’s tired of explaining to people he quit college because he got a job, and he doesn't feel the need to go back and finish.  

Ray’s is when people tell him he should be used to the cold since he is from the North. He’s lived in Nashville for over ten years and has adjusted to the weather, so when it gets cold, he still feels it and isn’t “used to it” because of where he’s from.