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Amy Accidentally Stole From Grocery Store

Amy was shopping at Target getting a gift that was a makeup bag that she filled with lots of beauty products like fun nail polish and other cute items. She wanted to make sure all the items fit inside the bag, so she put them in there at the store. They all fit, so she tossed it in the cart and kept shopping.  

When she checked out, she unloaded her cart and never noticed the cashier open the makeup bag and take the products out and scan each individual item. She ended up only paying for the makeup bag and not the products she put inside it, which totaled around $40 dollars.  

She didn’t notice the accident until she got home and wasn’t sure what to do at first. Lunchbox said she got lucky and should keep it. Eddie agreed and said it would be a hassle to go back. And if she gets busted, she needs to stick with the story that she was making sure everything would fit in the makeup bag and forgot to take the products out at the checkout. Bobby Bones said he would take it back because he feels like if he knows he did something wrong and doesn't make it right, it will come back to bite him. Ray said he’d take it back because it was probably on camera, and they might review the film later. 

Amy took the items back and explained how it was an accident. She felt it was the right thing to do and used it as a learning opportunity for her kids.