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Amy Got Scam Email From Frequent Shopping Spot

Amy received an email that looked so legit, she had to share the story, so others are on the lookout and don’t fall for this scam.  

The email said “You have a promo code to spend” from Nordstrom. It wouldn’t be out of the question for them to send her a promo code since she does shop there, and they have her email address in their database. The email looked so real she had to contemplate clicking on it. But when she looked closely at the subject line, she saw that every other letter was upper or lowercase. When you open the email, it did look like the real store and featured pictures of all the products they offer, and it said click to view your e-gift card.  

The learning lesson here is don’t be quick to click and spend time looking at it because you can often find a fault in the typing if it’s a scam. Also question why that store would be sending you this and check the email address it was sent from because usually the name is a little off.