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Bobby Trolled Over Shirt He Wore While Horseback Riding In Utah

Bobby Bones’ wife Caitlin's birthday was over the weekend, and they celebrated by going on a weekend getaway in Utah to ride horses with friends. His wife described it as a ‘cowgirl cosplay’ weekend. Bones shared pictures from the trip and is now getting trolled for what he wore while horseback riding.  

Everyone in the picture is wearing full cowboy gear besides Bones. He showed up wearing a blue and white jacket and people commented saying it looked like he was wearing his grandmother’s quilt. It was so cold he needed gloves and the people who had the horses gave him their 8-year-old-daughters gloves to wear. In the pictures, his wife and their two friends look like cowboys, and Bones looks out of place wearing his quilted jacket.  

In another picture he shared, he had to take everyone’s blanket to wear while eating lunch because he was so cold. He had on a North Face jacket and three blankets and was still cold while everyone else was just wearing sweaters.  

People on Instagram are giving him a hard time for his blue quilted jacket that did not fit everyone else’s cowboy attire vibe.