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Lunchbox Shares All The Things He Writes Off For Taxes

Every year Lunchbox sends in his taxes. It's a whole ordeal on The Bobby Bones Show because he claims a lot of his personal expenses were for the show and writes them off as a business expense and typically always gets a massive tax return. 

The last few years he’s gotten between $9,000 - $11,000 back because he writes off everything. The most he’s ever gotten back is a little over $15,000. Some of the expenses he writes off as a business expense include: the gas he uses in his car to get to work and the clothes he wears to work. 

If Lunchbox goes on a personal trip and shares stories from that trip on the show, he writes it off. Since its content for work, he views it as a business trip. When he went to visit family in Austin over the holidays, he wrote it off as a business trip since he visited the station there. When he says hello to listeners in public, he considers it a work trip and writes it off. Lunchbox also writes off the babysitter when he goes to a concert because he views it as a work event.  

Bobby Bones shared personal vacations and going to concerts isn’t enough to be considered a work write off for taxes. Lunchbox disagrees.