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Bobby Shares Heartwarming Story About Jake Owen

There is a restaurant in Nashville called Arnold’s Country Kitchen that has been a big part of the town. It recently closed because the owners want to retire. There was a digital newspaper tribute for the restaurant, and they interviewed Rose Arnold, who runs the restaurant. They talked to her about some of the great things that have happened, and she told a story that Bobby Bones had never heard before.  

Rose shared that a few years ago a family member with cancer needed to get to Minnesota quickly because they had a brain tumor. She was nervous that flying would be bad for the tumor. As she was talking about the situation in the restaurant, a customer overheard and interrupted and told her he’d take him there. Arnold’s relative arrived in Minnesota at the hospital the next day on Jake Owens tour bus.  

Bones asked him about it and Owen explained how he overheard her talking about their situation and let him use his tour bus to get him there. It would take 12 hours to get there on the bus, but the whole family could be on the bus with him and rest on the way there. This happened about 10 years ago. He paid for their whole family to use his tour bus to make sure they got to the hospital in Minnesota to receive the treatment needed.  

Bones loved the story so much he posted it on his Instagram because he knew Owen wouldn't.