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Bobby Bones Show Debates The Correct Way To Make PB&J

Listener Wes called in and wanted to have a debate about how people make their PB&J sandwiches! He wanted to know if you use a knife for both condiments, do you clean the knife in between, do you use a spoon for the jelly and knife for the peanut butter? Do you cross contaminate? It got the show into a heated debate.  

Amy uses a knife for the peanut butter and spoon for the jelly and that washing an extra utensil wasn’t a big deal to her. When Bobby Bones uses regular butter and almond butter, he uses the same butter knife for both but wipes it off in between so it doesn't cross contaminate.  

Eddie said he uses a knife to get the peanut butter and tries to scrap it onto the bread as much as you can and then go into the jelly with the same knife. He doesn't care about cross contamination. Lunchbox said he takes the knife and puts it into the peanut butter and then licks the knife after to get all the peanut butter off before putting it in the jelly.  

Photo: Getty Images