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Bobby Bones Show Listeners Age 65+ Share Their Life Advice

Amy wanted life advice from people who are age 65 and up! This is some of the advice callers shared on the show: 

Karen from Ohio is 66 years old and shared that a few months ago she cracked her tire and had $1,200 dollars' worth of damage, but she is proud of how she reacted. She knows in her twenties she probably would’ve freaked out and cried for a week and ten years ago, she would’ve been hard on herself. Now she knows it’s okay because it’s something that can be replaced, and no one was hurt. Her message was things can be replaced, but people can’t. And to stay calm because everything happens for a reason.  

Tom from Florida is 67 years old, and his advice is don’t take things too seriously. Anne, also from Florida, shared to have a better human connection with children. Stay off electronics when you’re around them so you can fully pay attention to them and show them love. Gloria from Iowa shared that she thinks the younger generation has to be more patient and nicer to everyone because you never know what someone might be going through.  

Jim in Tennessee shared his dads saying “You come into this world when you’re born, and you’re given a name. And when you die that’s the only thing you take with you and the only thing you leave behind. And that’s your legacy.” Life goes by quickly so whatever you’ve been wanting to do, just do it. You’ll only regret not trying. You’re not going to regret things you messed up doing, especially if you learn from it. But you will regret the things you don’t do at all because you made excuses. Kathy from Florida is 68 years old and shared to never stop learning, fill yourself up with knowledge and enjoy your life!