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Bobby Shares Embarrassing Moment He Had With Lady A’s Hillary Scott

Bobby Bones shared an embarrassing moment that happened to him when he was picking his dogs up from dog care and ran into Lady A’s Hillary Scott. Bones went to pick up his dog Eller and as they went to get her in the back, Hillary Scott from Lady A walked in. They started catching up when Bones got Eller back. Eller is super friendly, so she went up to Scott and rolled onto her side because she wanted her belly rubbed. Scott starts petting her and when Eller got up, she peed on Scott’s feet. When Eller gets excited, she pees. Bones did not know what to say and was super embarrassed and apologetic.  

When he got home, he couldn’t stop thinking about it, so he sent her a message apologizing that his dog peed on her. She replied how sweet his dog is and to not worry about the pee. With three kids and a dog, not much fazes her, and her daughter thought it was funny.