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Kane & Katelyn Brown Talk About Collaborating On More Projects Together

Kane Brown and his wife Katelyn stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about their song “Thank God,” and if they are collaborating on more projects together.  

Fans of Brown and his wife Katelyn have long waited for the two to perform a song together. Their first duet, “Thank God," featured on Kane’s latest album, Different Man, has skyrocketed up the country charts. Katelyn has been by Kane’s side to experience his success for years now, but now she’s experiencing a lot of new firsts for herself. Back in December, the two performed their collaboration together live for the first time at one of Kane’s shows. The video of the performance went viral, but Katelyn admits she was terrified during it. She’s used to being a mom and wife at home and watching Kane do his thing, so it took a lot of courage for her to get on stage and sing in front of a sold-out crowd. Before she hit the stage, she was pacing backstage, but knew she’d be proud of herself for doing the performance afterwards. She thought the more she performed the song live it would get easier, but she admits the nerves still get to her.   

The two had long talked about doing a song together but wanted to wait for the right one. While working on his new album, Kane approached Katelyn with the idea of singing on the record. When he heard “Thank God,” he knew it would be a huge hit. They worked with producer Dan Huff on the song, who knew Katelyn could sing and had been asking her for years when she was going to get in the studio. Making music isn’t something that is new to Katelyn. She’s always loved music and has been singing since she was little and was working on her own music when she met Kane. He was going to be in one of her music videos but had to cancel at the last minute to do his own show. They didn’t meet until a year later through mutual people they knew in the music industry. After meeting Kane, Katelyn stepped back from the music industry and got her degree. During her break from music, she realized she loves to create more than perform. She’s happy with where she is now with her music because she still gets to create but the pressure is off.  

When it comes to making more music together, she wants to take baby steps. They haven’t planned anything else yet, but it’s not off the table. She feels like she’s in the best position right now. She gets to be a mom and wife and support Kane’s career and sometimes makes music. Kane would love to make more music together, but they are taking the success from their song day by day. It brought another bond to their relationship; they were nervous putting it out at first though. They didn’t want people to think it was a manufactured setup to help launch her career. The anxiety from negative comments can get to her sometimes, so she doesn't have Instagram on her phone right now. She wants to be more present with her kids and in her life so she’s taking a social media detox.  

Kane and Katelyn just celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary, so Bobby Bones wanted to ask them a question from a listener to answer as a couple and get their take on. A listener's husband thinks it’s stupid to spend money for their baby's first birthday since they won’t remember anything. Katelyn loves to throw parties and knows it’s about the pictures taken for the memories. Kane admits he thought the same thing the husband does but was talked into it and is happy they did it for the memories.  

Kane is getting ready to go on tour in Europe next week until the end of the month. Katelyn has never been to Europe and is meeting him there. Last time Kane was in Europe, he didn’t do any sightseeing because he wanted to wait to experience it with his wife. Now that she’ll be there, they are excited to explore Europe.  

The U.S. leg of Kane’s The Drunk or Dreaming Tour will kick off on March 16th in Grand Rapids, Michigan.