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Raymundo Wants The Show To Invest In Slot Machine Guy

Eddie, Raymundo, and Lunchbox are going to Las Vegas this weekend for the Sore Losers Convention. Raymundo has an idea he wants the show to invest in.  

There is an expert in Vegas named D Lucky and he’ll tell you the slot machine to play. He goes to all the casinos and watches the slot machines and knows when one is about to be hot. He’ll text you and you have to run to that casino and play on that machine. He doesn't guarantee you’ll win, but he strongly suggests that the machine is hot and about to hit.  

Raymundo found him through Instagram and every video he posts people are winning tons of money. His name on Instagram is @dluckyslots It costs $1,795 dollars per person to hire him. The price includes meet and great, D Lucky will show you around a high limit slot room and what slot machines he likes. It’s a 10-minute experience. A thumbs-up photo op and a swag bag will also be included. If the whole show pitches in, it would cost $200 per person. Plus, you must gamble with a minimum of $1,000 dollars. It’s a lot of money and there is no guarantee. Bobby Bones found a review about this guy on Trip Advisor that showed a video of what the true experience is actually like with this guy. In the review he was called a fake, fraud, and a scam. After reading that review, the show is out on doing this investment.