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Dealing With Unsolicited Comments About Your Body (Outweigh)

OUTWEIGH: How do you handle a man calling you husky? Cryo Kat (Katherine Cox) joins Amy to talk about the time her grandma’s boyfriend called attention to her pregnant body by saying: “Well, aren’t you looking husky!!!” He then proceeded to tell her that his wife didn’t really gain any weight when she was pregnant with all 5 of their kids!! Well, Kat gained 100 pounds while pregnant, so she clearly found his words hurtful and beyond annoying. Kat has also dealt with an ex husband that killed her confidence…it’s almost like her body was never good enough for him…even when she felt her best.


This chat is a friendly reminder to not comment on people’s bodies!! People can even have good intentions with their comment (i.e. complimenting weight loss, but weight loss doesn’t always = good and weight gain doesn’t always = bad!)


If someone does make a comment about your body (or food you’re eating) that you’re not comfortable with…you’re allowed to share your feelings and say that you’d like to change the subject!!


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