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Eddie’s Kids’ Friend Broke Basketball Hoop & Amy’s Kids Fighting Over Food

Eddie’s a dad of four boys and is always sharing stories on the show of all the crazy things his sons get into. The other day there were about 10 kids from his neighborhood playing basketball in his backyard. At his basketball hoop, he saw one of the kids go for a slam dunk and as he came down he pulled the hoop and it snapped. When Eddie asked what happened, the kid who broke it apologized and said he’d give him $50 dollars to not tell his parents. The boy was about 10 years-old so he didn’t take the money. But he’s not sure what to do about his broken basketball hoop now.  

His wife wants to talk to the boys' parents and ask them to pay for it. Lunchbox said he should’ve taken the boys money to use as a learning experience for him to know when he breaks something you have to pay for it. Amy said she wouldn’t take the money and would take the responsibility since they had the kids over.  

Bobby Bones thinks this could be a great learning opportunity for Eddie’s kids and make them responsible for the broken hoop because they invited friends over without his permission. And if they want to get another one, they need to do chores to make the money to buy a new one.  

Amy also shared a parenting story of her kids' fights over food in her house. They are now labeling their food in the fridge to make sure no one else eats it. They are getting territorial of who technically likes the food more, and to prevent it from running out faster, they are writing their name on it to mark that only they can eat it. 

Her daughter, Stachira started it, and she has also started to move food to her room to store in her mini fridge. Amy is the one paying for this food and also eating it, so she’s been removing the labels. She’s also trying to teach them that they can share the food and if something runs out, they can add it to the grocery list to get next time.