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Raymundo Had A Meltdown At Work

Raymundo gets to work everyday before anyone else, around 1:30 in the morning to make sure everything is in place for the show to run smoothly.

The other day when he arrived at the studio, he realized he couldn’t find his key card to get into the building. He checked everywhere in his car and wallet but couldn’t find it. He’s never lost his keycard before and started to have a meltdown because he needed to get inside the building. He started to text a bunch of people on the show asking if they could come to the studio and let him in. Lunchbox received a message but ignored it. Finally, one of the shows producers, Kevin, answered and came to the studio to let him in.  

Later in the day when Raymundo was looking for his keycard again, he found it in a secret compartment in his wallet that he didn’t know existed.