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The Bobby Bones Show Remembers Their First Jobs

The Bobby Bones show started the day by sharing what their first job they got a paycheck for was.  

Eddie’s first job was a lifeguard right out of high school. With his first paycheck he bought a guitar. He spent his whole paycheck on a $300 guitar that he had all through college. While at college he threw his guitar thinking someone would catch it, but they didn’t, and it broke.  

Lunchbox’s first job was when he was 15 as a bagger at the grocery store, Randalls. When he told his parents he couldn’t wait to get a car when he turned 16, they told him he better get a job. While working there, he had to wear a special white shirt to let people know he wasn’t 16 yet and couldn’t do certain things and could only work certain hours. A week before his 16th birthday he was able to buy himself a 1985 Mazda RX-7 with no power steering and no AC.  

Amy’s first job was a hostess at Lone Star café. She never made it to server, but she was a good hostess and was responsible for rolling silverware.  

Bobby Bones' first job was working in a firework stand that his neighbor set up. He worked in the stand so much one summer, he was able to save up and buy himself a lawnmower so he could make money mowing lawns in the fall.