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Lunchbox Thinks His Mother-In-Law Flirted With Him Again

For years, Lunchbox has shared on the show that his mother-in-law flirts with him, and that given the opportunity, she would make a move on him. He’s shared different situations that have happened in the past that have made him uncomfortable. Like when he was sitting in a recliner chair, and she walked by and rubbed the top of his head. A different time, they were at a pool together and she told him she liked his swimsuit and that it looked good on him. She also texted him a winky face back when he wished her a happy birthday. And last year, he was taking a nap on the couch and heard her taking secret pictures of him.  

He now has a new one to add to the list. She texted him individually telling him not to forget to wish her a happy birthday with a birthday hat emoji. He thought it was weird because they have a family group text, and she didn’t text the message in that one, she chose to only send it to him. He went to his wife to ask her about the whole text situation to hear how she felt about it. She thinks she did it because she knew he’d be weirded out by it, and thought it would be funny.  

The show said it is a little weird and awkward, but they are not sure they’d consider it flirting.