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TV Shows & Movies You Should Watch

The show went around the room and wanted to recommend to listeners a new TV show or movie to watch or not to watch.  

Here are the TV Shows and movies you should watch:  

  • Eddie’s Movie Recommendation: Emily the Criminal on Netflix. He said it’s not the best quality of a film, but the storyline is so good. Eddie rated it 4 out of 5 flat screen TV’s.  
  • Lunchbox’s TV Show Recommendation: Letter Kenny on Hulu. He’s only on season two but thinks it’s hilarious.  
  • Amy’s TV Show Recommendation. 1923 on Paramount Plus. She just started episode one of the Yellowstone prequel that stars Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren. She wasn’t all in during episode one, but she’s going to give episode two a chance.  
  • Bobby Bones TV Show Recommendations: Kaleidoscope on Netflix, the show you can watch in any order. He watched it chronically and enjoyed it. He gave it four out of five safes. He also recommends George and Tammy on Showtime. He just finished watching it and loved it. He gives it 4.5 out of 5 Nashville mansions.