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Bobby Played ‘This or That’ Game With Wife Caitlin

Bobby Bones played a game with his wife he saw on TikTok called “This or That.” You present your partner with a number one and two choice. Behind the numbered choice is an option they don’t know. Whichever number you choose, you have to do the option it represents. Bones created all the options and Caitlin had no idea what they were going to be.  

For the first option, the first number was to walk the mall and shop and the second was Bones plays Madden for an hour. She picked one so they went to the mall and shopped. While there, they did another round of ‘this of that.’ Option one was to buy something for themselves, and the second option was buy something for the other person. She picked the option that was buy something for themselves. The next round the two options she could unknowingly pick from were Bones rubs her shoulders for 15 minutes or she rubs his feet for 15 minutes. She picked the shoulders options. For the next round, Bones tried sneaking another play Madden option in. The two unknown options for her to choose from this time were, Bones gets to play Madden for an hour, or they play her favorite card game ‘Nerds.’ She picked the ‘Nerds’ option. After that she was presented with another two anonymous options that were either to go out to dinner or order in and watch the game. She picked go out to dinner.  

The final round of unknown options Bones presented to Caitlin were; they read books together for a half-hour and then talk about what they read, or Bones plays Madden for an hour. She chose to read books. 

He kept it on his phone, and she couldn’t see it and switched the numbers up, but she kept unknowingly picking the option in favor of her. Bones congratulated her on her perfect day and had fun playing but wants to play again but this time she sets up the options for him to choose from.