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Anna Kendrick On Why She Doesn’t Watch Her Movies In Public

Anna Kendrick was on The Bobby Bones Show talking about filming her new movie Alice, Darling, why it was very personal for her, the reason she doesn't watch her own movies in public, and more!  

Kendrick’s new move Alice, Darling is out today (January 20) and it’s one of her most dramatic and personal roles yet. She would have to ramp herself into the moment to prepare to get into that mindset of her character. To her, it was weird because she was at work and she’d walk onto the set happy to see everyone, and then have to act out a panic attack a few minutes later. She thinks there is a myth around film sets that people think they are these perfect artistic bubbles, but they are just an outdoor office at the end of the day. 

The director did pull her aside while filming and told her if there is a moment that gets too intense for her, she can step away and take a break. Kendrick explained she’s not that type of actor though. She doesn't let it get to her, but this film was the closest she got to it. This film and role are very personal to her, having once lived what her character has, she knew that bringing up some of those experiences in her body again might get to her. The crew was sensitive to the process because everyone who came to work on the movie had read the script beforehand and had a similar experience. She felt safe and it made it easier for her to get into that mindset.  

When Kendrick was a kid and learning emotional range, she was more in tune with other people's feelings and reading people than she was with what was going on with her. She has been trying to unlearn those patterns, which has made it an interesting last couple of years for her. Especially after being in a horrible relationship that fell apart, she took the time to look inward to figure out what’s going on.  

The idea of going to a theater to watch one of her movies scares her. The thought of no one being there is too heartbreaking for her. The first time she fully watched Alice, Darling was the premiere at the Toronto Film Festival. Hearing the audience gasp and provoke an emotional reaction was really exciting for her.  

Bobby Bones ended the interview asking her some fun questions to get to know her better. She said the coolest person who watches her stories on Instagram is Pete Holmes. Her favorite movie as a kid was Hocus Pocus and then The Little Woman. Why the 47 and Anna Kendrick 47? Because one time someone called her AK47 and it’s a nickname cooler than she deserves.  

Alice, Darling is in theaters now.