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Someone’s Spouse Messaged Bobby About Work

Bobby Bones shared a story of a man who texted his wife’s boss saying he was overworking her, without his wife knowing. A similar story happened to him when someone on the show's spouse messaged him with a similar message. 

Bones would not share who once sent him the message, but he did say he replied to them. He felt awkward at first but dealt with it so they could have a better home life which would result in a better work life. Lunchbox said if his wife messaged Bones with that message, it would be way over the line, and he would be furious and take away her devices and social media. Eddie said he’d be so embarrassed because he feels he can deal with his own problems and if he felt he was being overworked, he’d have a conversation with his boss about it, not want his wife to go to battle for him. Amy doesn't think it’s cool at all and can’t imagine anyone doing that in a relationship.