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Do You Binge Eat? Habits In Your Brain Are Likely To Blame (Outweigh)

OUTWEIGH: Did you know snapping a rubber band on your wrist can help stop a negative pattern in the brain? Did you know you can create more self-acceptance by consistently saying 3 things in the mirror that you like about yourself? Did you know creating new habits in the brain might be more beneficial to your recovery than working through emotions?


Amy is answering these questions with her expert guest, Sheri Rowney, certified LENS (neurofeedback) practitioner & owner of Harmonized Brain Center. 


‘Brain Over Binge’ (by Katheryn Hansen) is a book that was instrumental in Amy’s recovery from a very grueling binge, restrict, purge cycle. Amy & Sheri also talk about this quote from the book:


“I never want to discourage anyone from resolving issues in their lives, but I do want binge eaters to avoid working endlessly on other problems and emotions without ever addressing the habit in the brain.” - Brain over Binge 2nd Edition, pg. 243


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