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Amy Had Major Mishap With Podcast Interview

Amy had booked a guest for her ‘4 Thing With Amy Brown’ podcast that she was very excited about. The guest’s time is very valuable, and she is an expert in her field, but when Amy sat down and started recording with her, she realized she had a major mishap. They had been talking for 15 minutes when she realized she forgot to press record. This is the first time it’s happened to her in the four years and over 400 episodes she’s done for her podcast.  

She was mortified but it got her wondering what Bobby Bones would’ve done in that situation. He said he wouldn’t have told them and would’ve kept going with the conversation and eventually would’ve revisited whatever they talked up in the beginning. 

Amy did tell the person she forgot to press record and they started over. She was kicking herself about it all day but has forgiven herself for the mistake!