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Lunchbox Asks Wife How Long She’d Wait If He Went To Jail

The Chrisleys recently went to jail in different states for different amounts of time. It got the Bobby Bones Show wondering how long you’d wait for your spouse if they went to jail for a long time. How long do you wait until you or your spouse move on?  

Lunchbox said he’d only wait one year for his wife if she went to jail. If she got out in one year, they could still be together. But he can’t wait forever, so anything longer and he’d get a divorce. He asked his wife the same question and she said she’d wait 10 years max for him. He told her he wouldn’t wait for her longer than a year and she was upset.  

He said he would just be looking to have some fun with someone new, but it might become something more serious if they happen to fall in love. Bobby Bones and Eddie said they’d wait for their wife forever.