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Lunchbox Sends Letter to Todd Chrisley in Jail

The only way Lunchbox can visit Todd Chrisley in prison is if he puts Lunchbox on a visitation list. The Bobby Bones Show knows Chrisley because he was once a guest host on the show. The only way we can get a hold of Chrisley is to send him a letter. So Lunchbox wrote him one with the intention of getting on a list to go visit him.  

He started the letter by hoping that he was doing well and settling in is jail cell well. He reminded him that they once played together in a charity softball game together a few years ago and said he was on his team then and he is now. The letter explained how he thought he didn’t deserve to be in prison because “woman commit fraud everyday by wearing push-up bras and makeup, but they are still walking free.” He went on to say he’s visiting Florida in a few weeks and wanted to see him so they can catch up on life. He ended the letter by asking him to add his name to the visitation list and asked if he needed him to bring anything. He also sent him some words of encouragement that they’ll get through this together.  

He doesn't want the letter to come across as a joke because he seriously wants to visit him if given the chance. He mailed it and will check every week to see if he writes back.