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Bobby Shares Time Police Officer Let Him Off With Warning

Bobby Bones shared a story about a time a police officer let him off with a warning when he got pulled over for speeding.  

There is a small town in Arkansas he has to drive through to get home to Nashville. The speed limit is 35mph and Bones was going 42mp when the cop pulled him over. He asked Bones where he was coming from after noticing he had out of state plates on his rental car. He told him they live in Tennessee and were driving home, and that’s when the officer started to recognize who he was. He didn’t say anything and walked back to his car. When he came back, he told Bones he appreciates everything he does for the state of Arkansas and since he was only going 7mph over the speed limit, he won’t give him a ticket, but if he was going 9 over, he would’ve had to.  

Bones thanked the officer and when he pulled away, he accidentally peeled off on the gravel because he wasn’t used to driving the rental car, he was in. He felt bad about it but was happy he got let off with a warning since he never speeds.