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Everyone Shares A Popular Show They Have No Interest in Watching

The Mandalorian trailer got 84 million views in 24 hours. Bobby Bones has never watched Star Wars or gotten into The Mandalorian and has no interest in watching it. But Mike D loves it! The show shared what popular TV show they have no interest in watching even though so many other people love it. Below is everyone’s answer: 

  • Bones has no interest in watching The White Lotus.  
  • Amy has no interest in watching House of Dragon, because she never got into Game of Thrones.  
  • Eddie’s is Yellowstone. His dad bought a ranch when he was younger, so he has lived that lifestyle. He watched half of the first season and thought it was unrealistic and now has no interest in watching it.  
  • Lunchbox’s is also Yellowstone. He thinks it looks corny and it reminds him of the old TV show Nashville, which he also had no interest in watching.
  • Raymundo’s is Breaking Bad. He thinks it will make him more interested in drugs and he’s never known anything about drugs, so he wants no part in it.