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The Show Issues Sincere Apologies For Different Things

A video of retired NFL player, Shannon Sharpe, who now does a show on Fox Sports, went viral of him getting into a fight at a basketball game with one of the players dads. He went on his show and took full accountability and gave a sincere apology for his behavior. So, the whole show decided to apologize for something they’ve done recently. 

  • Amy apologized for being a bad sport when the show plays games. She doesn't like how she can get combative, and how it brings negative and low vibes to the games that she wants no part of. She vowed to move forward differently the next time the show does a game and apologized for bringing that energy. 
  • Eddie apologized to his son’s basketball team that he’s coaching for being terrible. Back in December he said on the show that the team was so good after they won their first game. Since then, they haven't won a single game and are currently 1 and 6. He apologized to the players on the team, their parents, and Bobby Bones who is the sponsor of the team.  
  • Raymundo apologized to Lunchbox and his wife. They were getting on the same plane and Raymundo had an earlier boarding time than them. Lunchbox and his wife asked him to save their seats so they could all sit together. After having a couple mimosas, Raymundo got on the plane and didn’t feel like saving their seats anymore. So, he just sat down and when they walked past him, he had to tell them he didn’t save their seats. Lunchbox accepted his apology.  
  • Bobby Bones apologized to his wife for the dream version of him. Apparently, he’s done some things he’s not proud of in her dreams. Sometimes she wakes up and tells him he said something really mean to her in the dream. Bones wishes he could tell dream him to shape up because what he does in there affects him in real life.  
  • Lunchbox apologized for accusing his wife of losing their household scissors that went missing two months ago. She’s usually the only one who uses the scissors, but when he was cleaning up the Christmas decorations, he realized he used them to cut the top so he could put the star on it and then set the scissors on the mantel. He found them hidden behind some Christmas decorations and put them back in the jar. He then started to accuse his wife of putting the scissors back without telling him. He never admitted to her that he was the one who lost the scissors and found them until now, he also apologized for that.  

Everyone on the show was forgiven!