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These Were The First Artists We Loved As Kids

Everyone on the show shared who the first artist was that they were really into as a kid and if they are still a fan of them today.  

  • Amy’s was George Strait, and she still loves him. She was seven when she first got into his music. Her dad really loved Strait and her uncle worked for him at the time as a manager on his ranch. She met him when she was 10 when she went to visit her uncle on Strait’s ranch and wore a shirt with his face on it that she’s still embarrassed about. 
  • Eddie’s was Def Leppard. His brother was really into 80s hairband music. He was 7 years-old when he saw their “Pour Some Sugar on Me” music video on MTV, and immediately loved them. He doesn't love them anymore though.
  • Lunchbox's was Tina Turner all because of his mom. When he was 11, they were driving to Chicago to see his grandparents and they stopped at McDonalds and went through the drive-thru and for $2.99 you could get a Tina Turner greatest hits cassette. They listened to it the whole way to Chicago, and he loved it. She made him realize music could be cool and he still loves her today. He’d drive over 200 miles to see her perform.  
  • Bobby Bones was Garth Brooks because everyone in Arkansas loved him. The band, Presidents of The United States of America, was the first band that he discovered on his own and couldn’t get enough of. He still loves them and would also drive 200 miles to see them perform.