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Red Flags You Should Never Ignore In A Relationship

What are red flags in a relationship? They’re warning signs that there might be unhealthy patterns/behaviors between you and your partner or someone else. Amy and her friend Cryo Kat (Katherine Cox) go over 13 different red flags, yellow flags vs. red flags, and how to approach red flags in a relationship. Cryo Kat has a very personal story of how multiple red flags were right in front of her face and she didn’t/couldn’t even see them at the time…so much so that she married the guy. They have since gotten divorced, so this conversation will hopefully spare others from getting into a similar situation + create awareness + also encourage some self-reflection (because maybe we are a red flag, not someone else!!!) 

And remember: your body (energy) will tell you before your brain will about how you’re connecting with someone…you just have to listen! 

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