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Interesting Facts From Fun Fact Friday

Everyone on the show spends all week trying to find the most interesting or fun facts to share for Fun Fact Friday!  

Here are everyone’s interesting facts:  

  • Eddie: If you’re walking along the beach and if you find a Lego piece, it’s not because a kid left it there. Back in 1997 a cargo ship in the Atlantic Ocean carrying a bunch of Lego’s and a container flipped over and the pieces went all over the ocean. And still to this day, you can find those Lego pieces when they wash up on the shore.  
  • Lunchbox: Bunnies digest food so quickly that not all the nutrients get absorbed, so when they poop it out, they eat it again.  
  • Amy: On January 23, 1923, Frederick Banting sold the patent for insulin for one dollar. Saying insulin doesn't belong to him, it belongs to the world.  
  • Morgan: During your lifetime, you’ll produce enough saliva to fill 50 bathtubs.  
  • Bobby Bones: He had two to share!  
    • When you talk to yourself in your head, your larynx still makes tiny movements like you’re talking. It’s smaller but it’s the same movement as if you were saying it.  
    • The first gold record ever, which means one million copies were sold, was in 1942 by Glen Miller for his song “Chatanooga Choo Choo.”