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Lunchbox Submitted Audio To Be GMA’s Kid Super Bowl Correspondent

Lunchbox claims he was robbed by a 12-year-old girl to be GMA’s Kid Super Bowl Correspondent. GMA does a contest every year where kids can submit a video of why they should be the correspondent for the game and the winner gets to go to the Super Bowl and help cover the game. Lunchbox saw the contest and submitted himself pretending to be a kid. He filled out the form and sent in his audio. 

The audio he submitted was highly produced and he pitched up his voice up to sound like a kid.  He used his fake name Jason Gibbles and talked about how he stays active by playing soccer and football with kids in his neighborhood every week. Then he did a pretend interview with Marshawn Lynch and edited in actual audio clips of him.  

He thought he put in a good effort and is upset he never heard anything back.