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Bobby Bones Show Recalled Last Time They Messed Up Something

Everyone on the Bobby Bones Show shared the last time they messed up on something and knew that one was on them. 

  • Bobby Bones wife was purposely bananas to age to make banana break, but he threw them away. He didn’t know you were supposed to use older bananas for that.  
  • Amy was for yelling at her kids. She’s working hard trying not to put herself in that situation, but she yelled at them and owned up to it. She apologized and made a repair with them.  
  • Lunchbox was for thinking his son was being a drama queen when he kept complaining his eyes hurt. The next day, his eyes were shut because they were infected. He took him to the doctor, and accepted the mistake was on him. 
  • Raymundo was for while he was in Las Vegas he took a party bus one night with four listeners and he didn’t tell his wife he was doing it because she was at another event. The whole time he didn’t answer his phone and she had no idea where he was. When he went home, he apologized for it. Then the next day a bunch of listeners went up to her and said that he told them he would pay for the party bus and owe them money. She also didn’t know that, so he apologized for that too.  
  • Eddie was for making a big deal about closing the garage door and not leaving it open at night. When he left in the morning, he saw the garage door was open and he called his wife blaming her and the kids for it. But she said they all made sure it was closed. That’s when he remembered he was the last one to open the garage the night before and he accidentally left it open all night. That one was on him.