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Abby Confesses Something About Her Missed Connection

Back on New Year's Eve, Abby shared an Uber with a man named Reid she thought was cute and they started talking.

He told her he’d send her an invite to a party, but she never received it and now thinks it’s a missed connection. She shared the story on the show and a listener was able to find his profile. Bobby Bones then wrote a love poem for Abby to send him, but she never heard back. After a caller told Abby to check the hidden messages folder on her Instagram, which she had no idea was there, she had a cringy confession to share about it. She was going through the hidden messages and found the invite from Reid, and realized it came from a different account than the one she sent the love poem too. So, she sent a random person a poem and never received a response.

Turns out Reid from her Uber ride did actually send her the invite; she just never saw it until now. Abby is thinking about answering him now and explaining how she just saw the message because she didn’t know about the hidden message inbox.