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Bobby Shares Advice For Listener Adopting Second Dog

Terry from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, left Bobby Bones a voicemail on her way home from adopting a second dog from a local rescue.  She knew Bones had brought his second dog, Eller, home to a house that already had a dog. She’s concerned about how it’s going to go when she gets home with the new dog because the fist dog wasn’t too excited the first time the two dogs met.  

Bones advice was to understand that it’s going to be hard and at times it’s going to be painful for you and the dogs. When he first got Eller, she was very aggressive and was biting all the time. As she got bigger, the bites got harder, so they took her to see an aggression specialist to help her work with him and his other dog Stanley. At first, Stanley wanted nothing to do with her since she would always try to attack him when they were in the same room together. The aggression specialist even told Bones that the two dogs could never live together. They didn’t accept that option, so they committed to really working with Eller by crate training her and being patient with her. Over time she became less aggressive and slowly, she and Stanley could be in the same room together and be fine. Now, they are best friends and Eller is very loving and well behaved.  

Bones advice to anyone who is adopting a second dog is to know it will be difficult at first to get to a good point, but it will be so worth it!