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Employee of the Month Chosen For December & January

The show's Employee of the Month was chosen for December and January. Lunchbox has been eliminated because he’s still serving his suspension until next month. Bobby Bones wants to recognize the employee who shined the most in the last two months. The winner gets to choose the money option which can be up to $300 dollars. Or they can self-promotion or can block someone else from winning Employee of The Month in the future.  

Raymundo, Amy, Morgan and Abby pitched why they think they should win, but the winner was Eddie! He won Employee of the Month for being a hero from breaking up a fight and sharing the story on the show. Also, for backing out on for KING & COUNTRY tickets so they performed one of the best shows in studio. He’s back to winning games like easy trivia, he admitted to making his kids eat out of the garbage, and he shared an important scam alert after his dad had to basically cancel his identity. He ate the hottest Gummy Bear and gave a great performance of Feliz Navidad.  

Eddie chose to spin the wheel and landed on $5 dollars. He’s going to keep it because he thought it would be cool to go home and tell his kids and he won Employee of the Month and show them the money!