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Amy’s Vision Board Is Coming True (5th Thing)

Do vision boards really work? YES!!! Amy shares how hers is already coming true and we are only one month into the year! This all might sound quite mystical, but vision boards are in fact rooted in neuroscience. Neuroscientist Dr Tara Swart explains: "Looking at images on a vision board primes the brain to grasp opportunities that may otherwise go unnoticed. That’s because the brain has a process called ‘value-tagging’ which imprints important things onto your subconscious and filters out unnecessary information.”

Today’s quote: 

“The phrase: ‘Don’t take this the wrong way has 0% success rate!’” This quote led to Amy and Kat also discussing unsolicited advice and how that is actually a form of judgment. 

Amy and Kat also read some listener emails about Undo The Booze and God having different plans for you when something falls through that you were really looking forward to! 

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Thank you licensed therapist, Kat Defatta, for joining us with her wisdom. You can find her on Instagram: @Kat.Defatta@YouNeedTherapyPodcast.

Best places to find more about Amy: + @RadioAmy

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